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Going with the flow Document management and workflow systems are becoming increasingly popular in many businesses as they look to increase efficiency and free up employees from mundane, repetitive tasks – and this is something resellers have a crucial role in delivering.

Document management systems are big business; the worldwide market is expected to grow from a current valuation of around $6 billion to $10.6 billion by 2025. In the UK too, the market is growing quickly. The growth in use of document management and workflow systems is driven by a variety of factors such as the increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions, the rising demand for digital transformation, the need for regulatory compliance and the growing remote workforce, according to Andrew Cowling from PFU (EMEA) Ltd, a Ricoh company. “Businesses will need to embrace this transformation to remain successful,” he says. Michael Field from Workflo Solutions adds that while document management has always been an important part of any organisation, the shift towards remote work, the provisions of the Data Protection Act and, more recently, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) have given this more focus for many businesses. “Physically or digitally storing documents is easy, the difficulty is creating a workflow that ensures continuity in storage allowing quick, easy access and full compliance with GDPR retention guidelines,” he says. “Today, businesses are generating vast amounts of data and documents every day,

and managing these documents efficiently is crucial to ensure that they are organised, secure and easily accessible to authorised personnel. Workflow services can help businesses to automate and streamline their processes, allowing for better management, compliance, collaboration and response times. By automating routine tasks and workflows, businesses can free up their employees’ time to focus on higher-value tasks, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness.” Michael adds that while many businesses have already adopted document management services, there are still many that have yet to fully adopt this technology. “No business can escape full compliance with GDPR, and all must have a documented workflow detailing their document storage process along with a retention schedule,” he notes. “As we move to a more digital form of storage the policing of this can become much more difficult unless a workflow solution is implemented. “As more businesses recognise the benefits of digitising their document workflows and adopting more efficient and secure solutions, the demand for these services is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.” Part of digitalisation journey Attar Naderi, associate director Europe & MENA at Laserfiche, adds that document

Andrew Cowling PFU (EMEA) Ltd, a Ricoh company

Michael Field managing director



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