Print in the Channel - issue #6


Health and efficiency Businesses are always seeking greater efficiencies, and the print industry continues to provide it in numerous ways.

While being in business is never easy, the past three years have been particularly trying for many sectors. The pandemic, followed by a sustained economic downturn married to spiralling costs of energy, materials etc means that many managing directors and chief financial officers (sometimes the same person in small businesses) are counting the pennies like never before. Fortunately, manufacturers and resellers in the print channel have been alive to this and is providing many ways for businesses to become more efficient and save money. For instance, printers are becoming increasingly energy efficient, such as with low power modes, sleep modes or heat-free inkjet printing, which means they use less energy and resources, which keeps costs down. Of course, this also helps with a company’s sustainability goals, which is of increasing importance and often goes together with efficiency savings. For more on this, see page 36. But efficiency isn’t just about saving energy, it is also about working smarter and freeing

up employees’ time from repetitive tasks to work on other things that can help to add to the bottom line. This is where document management and workflow solutions come in. Increasingly, businesses are turning to digital solutions rather than paper-based, which can ensure data and documents are quickly, easily – and logically – stored, in a place where anyone that needs to can access them, wherever they may be working. But finding the right solution can be difficult, which is where resellers have a crucial role to play to guide customers to the most effective solution for their needs. Read more on p22. But paper still plays a major part in many businesses, which is why shredding retains a vital role. However, there are still a significant number of businesses that don’t appreciate the need for confidential shredding, especially when done by those working from home. This is something that resellers need to emphasise in conversations with customers. See more on p33. Mistakes with shredding can be costly, but so can mispricing in retail businesses. This is still a common error and impacts on the bottom line, which can be ill-afforded and is why many businesses are now turning to point of sale technology to eliminate these types of errors. With so many businesses in the sector, it presents a big opportunity for resellers willing to take the plunge and sell into it. But it isn’t a difficult market to break into, if the reseller does their research and offers the right products, as is explained on p26. As always, this issue is packed with features, and I hope you enjoy the issue. I always like to hear feedback on what is – or isn’t – covered in the magazine, so please drop me a line at – likewise if you want to get involved in editorial in the future.

Dan Parton

Every quarter we make an award for the best campaign run in the magazine. This quarter UFP has been chosen as the winner. See page 45 for more on the award.

winner Q1 · 2023

best campaign


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