Print in the Channel - issue #6


Right on Q

MyQ has thrived in recent years with its print management solutions, mainly through being quick to identify and then fulfil the needs of a changing marketplace.

For many businesses, digitisation and moving applications to the cloud are key focuses for end user organisations this year. Quocirca’s recent MPS Buying Habits report found that 44% of companies already use online platforms to buy cloud print and document solutions with a further 32% planning to do so in the next 12 months. MyQ has found this to be the case on the ground too, with cloud-based installation and integration dominating many discussions with customers, according to Nigel Eaton, general manager UK, Ireland and Nordic Region at MyQ. “This poses new challenges that we are working hard to meet and deliver,” he says. It is something MyQ is meeting and delivering successfully; in December 2022, the company was awarded Platinum Awards by Keypoint Intelligence for its MyQ X & MyQ Roger solutions. “This is testament to the hard work and dedication of our developers and product management teams,” says Nigel. “Also, this is only made possible with the fantastic input from our partners who help us to identify the changing needs of a dynamic marketplace.”

Updates There is no chance of MyQ resting on its laurels, however. For instance, the company recently significantly updated its MyQ X solution. “MyQ X V10.1 is a very significant update; the developers have really excelled themselves with this one!” says Nigel. “At a base level the MyQ admin interface has been updated and redesigned to give more information to the system administrator, improved web accessibility in respect of the WCAG21 regulations and to add new reporting and control features such as the new toner monitoring tool, which uses smart algorithms to identify toner usage patterns to predict replacement timing and the ability to create a bespoke report around this. “The new embedded terminal release introduces key improvements and new advanced features designed to offer best in class features to those customers who are either already embracing cloud-based features and connectivity or plan to move in that direction. Features such as improved connectivity with Azure active directory, job preview at the device are joined by the introduction of device-based interaction with cloud storage with the addition of browse to cloud folder and the innovative new ‘easy print’ feature that allows the user to browse their online storage and download their document to print directly from the device interface. “These new features are all built around the central ethos of MyQ solutions, by removing complexity and confusion we save customers that most precious commodity of all – time. This improves productivity, user satisfaction and, of course, a potential benefit of less time at the device is the reduction in energy usage, an important factor in today’s market.” Security is also a priority; especially as print networks have been targeted as potential low security intrusion opportunities for hackers. “While not every printed document will be confidential in nature with MyQ X we can encrypt all print traffic, watermark documents and even redirect documents to a download link instead of a

Nigel Eaton general manager UK, Ireland and Nordic Region

These new features are all built around the central ethos of MyQ solutions, by removing complexity and confusion we save customers that most precious commodity of all – time. “



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