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Without walls In this international piece, Ricoh, a global information management and digital services company, explains the value of security management when working with outsourced partners across continents.

Most printers and other pieces of office hardware are now software driven. That software needs to be continually updated to ensure it is compatible with new office computers and operating system versions, and to ensure it is compliant and secure. “Ricoh is always seeking to improve its software testing capabilities, with a particular emphasis on security,” says Tom Haapanen, VP, Global Solutions Engineering, Ricoh USA. “We have been focused on security by design. For example – designing secure software that does the right things and safeguards customer data.” Ricoh had something new in its development pipeline: Streamline NX. “This has become our lead solution for managing security for our network devices and printers and scanners, and helping our customers ensure regulatory compliance,” says Tom. Streamline NX offers things like secure printing, workflow capabilities, extensive device management capabilities, and all integrated into a single pane of glass that customers can deploy either on-premise or in the cloud. The challenges It was Streamline NX that helped Ricoh to improve its testing processes. Ricoh had sought out a quality assurance organisation

that could partner with them to continuously improve testing processes, says Tom. Ricoh had worked previously on smaller projects with IT services company FPT Software– a specialist in digital transformation and leader in consulting, providing and deploying technology and telecommunications services and solutions. There was only one catch: FPT is in Asia and Tom’s team is based in North America. With distance comes possible ‘X factors’; from language and culture to challenges around two companies being many time zones apart. Often when doing software testing in such situations, everything must be clearly laid out; that means coming up with flawless use cases, including expected results, for the test team to go through. When a dev team and a testing team are not in the same building – let alone even the same continent – it can be difficult for the former to ensure the latter is performing testing properly. And if anything goes wrong on the testing side – maybe it’s the middle of the night on the dev side – progress is halted; the project is delayed until the dev team gets to the office and communication with the remote testing team can resume.

Tom Haapanen VP, Global Solutions Engineering, Ricoh USA

Platform solution

[Streamline NX]

has become our lead solution for managing security for our network

RICOH Streamline NX V3 addresses the following business-critical areas: device management, authentication, administration & reporting, mobile support, scan & capture and secure printing.

The results

To Ricoh’s surprise, communication

devices and printers and scanners, and

with FPT ended up being a strong point.

helping our customers ensure regulatory compliance.

Administration & reporting

Mobile support

Scan & Capture plus card access


RICOH Streamline NX V3

Secure printing plus card access

Device management



Device management With Streamline NX, device management

Authentication Improve security while making it easier for

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