Print in the Channel - issue #6


Three things you might not know about MPS Liam Fitzgerald, head of commercial channels and MPS service delivery at Brother UK, outlines three key features of managed print services that are often overlooked by resellers.

The as a service model has never been more popular. Look into any home around the country and many must-haves are now delivered on a subscription basis: TV, smartphones, even mid-week meals. That’s because people like the hassle-free nature of clicking subscribe and letting the vendor – whether it’s Netflix, O2, Hello Fresh or one of the myriad other vendors – do the rest. Plus, it can be helpful to pay for these things monthly rather than as a one-off when money is tight. The same applies for businesses. Business owners and managers are seeing the benefits of procuring their tech on as a service models and that’s particularly the case for print. Demand continues to swell for managed print services (MPS). But many resellers remain content sticking to selling print transactionally. That may be down to misconceptions of the true revenue opportunity from MPS, or on how complex or expensive it is to deliver. I want to dispel those myths. There are significant benefits to resellers to offering MPS. Some of these benefits are

obvious, but others fly under the radar. Here are three that aren’t always considered.

1. Flexibility built in Printing requirements differ from business to business and customer to customer. I know that resellers are keenly aware of this and go above and beyond to deliver the tailored packages that work for their customers. And MPS can play a crucial role in this. It’s easy to consider MPS as one solution that print infrastructure is then moulded around. But really it’s the other way around. There are so many facets to firms’ print estate and wider IT infrastructure that it’s impossible to create a one-size-fits-all solution. At least not one that effectively serves IT managers’ needs. At Brother, for example, we go out of our way to ensure that a contract and a printing arrangement works for resellers and customers. This means early engagement with partners to find out how they’re equipped to provide MPS – if at all – and working with them to carry out a needs-based assessment

Liam Fitzgerald head of commercial channels and MPS service delivery


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