Print in the Channel - issue #8



Richard Stewart workspace portfolio marketing manager

selecting the most suitable printer for the customer’s needs and provide ongoing after- sales support.” Janis adds one question should be asked when considering buying printers. “Businesses need to ask: ‘Are we getting the best printing stock for the best deal?’” he says. “Established IT distributors offer platforms that enable them to benefit from cloud print services on a consumption or subscription basis that offer seamless and full flexibility via trusted resellers. In turn, this enables them to save time and money. “They should choose resellers that have access to these modern designed for purpose platforms because they were built specifically in consideration of resource prioritisation, strategic impact, size of the end customer’s organisation and more,” he adds. Resellers can also position themselves as managed print service providers, helping business customers simplify how they run their printer fleets. “Remote monitoring software can assess the performance of individual printers, supporting robust decisions on maintenance and replacement as well as proactively replenishing consumables like cartridges, ink and paper,” he says. “Leveraging these tools resellers can satisfy complete IT infrastructure requirements to business customers and provide managed services with very efficient headcount requirements.” Important considerations Rowan adds that costs should be an important consideration when considering

printers – and not just the initial outlay. “When looking for the best investment value, you must look beyond the purchase costs and consider the total cost of ownership,” he says. “All-in-one printers offer more than printing capabilities; they provide excellent productivity features that work to nurture a digital workspace. It’s also vital to consider productivity features (e.g., integration with Microsoft 365), security and sustainability credentials and service levels to bring ongoing innovation to your print investment. “Here’s a useful tip: If you’re aiming to reduce energy consumption and minimise your carbon footprint, opt for a printer or MFP with a low TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) rating. This can make a significant difference in energy efficiency. “Managed print service providers play a key role in helping businesses to analyse their printing and scanning needs. They can help organisations create a truly tailored solution that maximises their print for a good return on investment. Resellers do this by conducting detailed audits and examining print volumes across locations and departments to gather valuable data.” Rowan adds that with post-pandemic working patterns looking stable, now is a prime opportunity for businesses to evaluate their current solutions and needs. “Using data from the past few years a reseller can confidently design a solution that aligns with a business’s long-term contract – typically three to five years – and one that will stand the test of time,” he says.


printers offer more than printing capabilities; they provide excellent productivity features that work to nurture a digital workspace.


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