Print in the Channel - issue #9


Quality products at a price that’s right, with Zebra Essentials Affordable, reliable, simple solutions for every environment

Essentials for every industry, job and budget Don’t let customers settle for less.

Transport & Logistics




Field & Utilities



Zebra Essentials Range Affordable solutions for every industry, job and budget.

The long-term benefits

The immediate gains

Zebra OneCare Special Value + Zebra OneCare Technical and Software Support You need a plan to protect against failures and prevent customer frustrations. Zebra OneCare goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to cover it all, including normal wear and tear and accidental damage. Never one-size-fits-all, choose a plan that’s tailored to your exact needs and business urgency.

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Ready out-of-the-box Easy configuration

Rugged enterprise-grade products that are built to last

Intuitive devices Built-in software Cybersecurity

Integration as your business scales A longer lifecycle

Zebra Essentials Range

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