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which enhances business security policies, offering a user-friendly solution to configure device settings and update security policies.” Steve adds that security should be considered before, during and after the print process. “At Papercut, we believe it’s the most effective way to protect our customers and their confidential information and help them ensure that they are adhering to mandates like GDPR or other compliance and legal obligations,” he says. “PaperCut MF, for instance, addresses the complex issue of BYOD and print security. It includes the print enablement feature PaperCut Mobility Print. This takes the headache out of connecting the myriad of devices that you can’t control — users can now print in a consistent and intuitive way, without calling the help desk to get things set up. Even better, when linking PaperCut Mobility Print with PaperCut MF, it is possible to apply all the other benefits like user management, policies and secure print release to the otherwise unknown devices on the corporate network.” Customer conversations When talking to customers, resellers need to reiterate the ‘people, policy, product’ message, Steve adds. “The good news is that the message is increasingly falling on more receptive ears,” he says. “Security needs to be looked at holistically, so resellers are working to understand more about the network the MFP will be connected to; they’re working to understand how the device will be used and

says Trevor. “Many of Kyocera’s device also incorporate our ‘K-Level’ security suite, which includes firmware validation and hard drive encryption and erase.” Arjan Paulussen, managing director, Western Europe & English-Speaking Africa at Lexmark, adds that managing MFP fleets across various locations can be challenging, so they need a streamlined and efficient solution to maintain device compliance and security posture. “Moreover, with the prevalence of remote work, ensuring the security of MFPs outside the office network has become a significant concern,” he adds. “What’s more, remote access can introduce vulnerabilities if not properly managed, putting critical data at risk. Often overlooked, the security of documents themselves is a vulnerability within businesses as unauthorised access to printed documents can lead to data breaches and compromise sensitive information.” He adds that Lexmark’s Cloud Fleet Management and Markvision Enterprise offer comprehensive tools to efficiently manage and secure MFPs, empowering businesses to protect their critical data across multiple locations and remote work settings. “For example, Cloud Fleet Management streamlines fleet configuration, keeps devices up to date with recommended firmware and ensures compliance from anywhere in the world,” he adds. “This eliminates security gaps, even in remote or hard-to-access locations. Furthermore, Markvision Enterprise provides robust print management software,

Trevor Maloney product marketing manager – TASKalfa


What’s more, remote access can introduce vulnerabilities if not properly managed, putting critical data at risk. “ ”

Arjan Paulussen, managing director, Western Europe & English-Speaking Africa



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