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Canon uniFLOW Online


other third-party software. Now we have a much broader suite of reporting and print and device management capabilities. “We also have a data centre in the UK, so organisations concerned about where their data is stored know that it never leaves the UK, giving data sovereignty and support. “What we have now is a mature platform where we listen to customer needs and requirements and keep up-to-date with the latest trends, security capabilities and profiles and how businesses want to load and manage and account for their print jobs.” Buyers Lab (BLI) Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence, uniFLOW Online scooped a 2023 Pick Award as an Outstanding Cloud Output Management Platform for the fifth year in a row. Jamini puts this success down to it being one platform, whereas with some other solutions customers might have to purchase different elements of a platform. “uniFLOW Online provides everything that a business would need rather than having to piece different platforms together,” she says. “One of our customers said that the cloud-based system eliminates the need for organisations to purchase, install and administer multiple solutions at once, which is Award winning uniFLOW Online has received industry recognition too. Earlier this year, in the

beneficial to the teams trying to take on tasks as remote work is on the rise. “That’s the way that businesses are moving in general. If you’re remote working, you want the ease of being able to print, scan, store and move documents around rather than having to keep on logging in and out of different solutions, which can take more time. Also, any connectivity issues are eliminated when using uniFLOW Online.” Richard adds that uniFLOW Online can help businesses to automate to a certain level once they’ve scanned in a document, so that it can then extract information from that document and save it into predefined locations. “Over the years, we’ve enhanced and honed the capability of the uniFLOW Online platform, which I think gives us an edge over our competitors, which is why Keypoint has recognised that for the last five years, because from a capability point of view, the solution has really come a long way. Businesses are looking for that cloud strategy for their print and output management solution and uniFLOW Online is a mature solution for the market.” Sustainability uniFLOW Online can also help businesses to achieve their sustainability goals, Jamini adds. “uniFLOW Online is 100% cloud-based infrastructure, which means customers don’t require a server on-site and therefore, they don’t need a specific location for their servers or use resources such as air conditioning, lighting, electricity etc. that these all require,” she says. “A business saves a huge amount of upfront costs through this, as well as helping save carbon output from a sustainability perspective.” CONTINUED

Over the years, we’ve enhanced and honed the capability of uniFLOW Online platform, which I think gives us an edge over our competitors. “


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