Print in the Channel - issue #12

EKM GLOBAL LIMITED HP SDS CLOUD DCA Fully integrated into the EKM Insight system


CLOUD DATA COLLECTION AGENT Collect data and manage supported HP devices over the internet Suitable for customers who are not able to host a DCA onsite OR, office locations that are not connected to their central IT network


All communication is initiated within the customer environment. The HP MPS Printer onboarding tool will configure the printer to connect to the cloud. This connection allows the printer to send page counts, consumable levels, and device health information. Security The device uses standard internet technologies such as TLS for end- to-end encryption and reply attack prevention, as well as Public/Private Key signing and validation so that the cloud can trust the device and the device can trust the cloud.


As the devices exchange data continuously with the cloud, the HP SDS advanced functionality features are readily available.

HP SDS Cloud DCA enables you to remotely monitor and manage HP devices, whilst reducing operational costs, and saving you the time of installing and maintaining onsite DCAs.


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