Print in the Channel - issue #13

Minimised carbon footprint Sharp supplies are packaged using fully recyclable materials, while long-life consumable parts help minimise service intervals and downtime. These principles help to minimise the carbon footprint and maximise the recyclability of our MFPs. Achieving this has included eliminating harmful materials in operational processes and improving waste management. We have also extended the life of key component parts to ensure a longer product lifecycle and reduce the number of service interventions. LED lights in the scanner, a choice of energy- saving modes and a fuser which can turn itself off, all help you to balance productivity with economy.

Like all Sharp printing systems, the BP-90C80 and BP-90C70 have been designed and engineered to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Innovative technology helps to strengthen your eco-friendly credentials by delivering a superior performance across the full range of environmental concerns. Meeting, and often exceeding, national energy conservation regulations, the BP-90C80 and BP-90C70 comply with requirements regarding use of plastics, waste products and energy consumption. Less energy consumption The Pro Series Colour Light Production Printing Systems offer lower Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) values. Sharp’s advanced, lower melt micro-fine toner technology offers a lower consumption rate, less waste and longer replacement intervals. Administrators can set time schedules for powering on the system, and Eco Scan saves energy by keeping the fusing roller turned off during jobs that don’t require any printing.


printing at maximum productivity. For those looking at sustainability, the

Advice for resellers For resellers planning on selling the BP- 90C80 and BP-90C70, Kerry Rush, product marketing manager at Sharp UK, says that the best strategy is for resellers to know the machine and their customers. “We have seen the devices have success across the education, corporate and commercial sectors, within their in-house print rooms,” she says. “However, it’s important to remember it’s not a production print device so should not be positioned for high demand environments such as pay per print. “Resellers should highlight the edge-to- edge printing capabilities with the ability to do A4 and A5 brochures.” As mentioned, resellers should be looking to sell to customers with in-house print rooms across the education, corporate and commercial sectors. “These are the ideal settings for this device,” says Kerry. “This is because the device allows a much greater level of control in-house, alongside the ability to print on demand and in the quantities they need. “Using this device means it’s also easier BP-90C80 and BP-90C70 offer lower energy consumption rates across its toner and scan technology, achieving Blue Angel certification. In addition, Sharp also uses fully recyclable materials for packaging, and long-life consumable parts, which help to extend its life in the field. The new models are available to buy now from Sharp and its dealer partners.

to see test prints, making any amendments in-house, saving time, money and ensuring that the desired quality and finish is achieved. In comparison to outsourced printing where there are minimum requirements for a print run, which is often far greater than the need, leading to enhanced cost and potential wastage.” Kerry adds that it is important for resellers to understand the end user and how they print to be able to demonstrate the features and functions of the machine in full. “Resellers should encourage customers into showrooms to showcase the device and how the machine works,” she says. “This will also allow resellers to answer any questions in real-time and demonstrate solutions in full.” Kerry adds that there are also opportunities for resellers to upsell on the devices. “Especially now that it’s easier to switch between the standard Sharp controller and the Fiery controller,” she says. “With this device, those that want to print general items for office use can do so and those that want to look at light production items such as brochures, are also able to do so.” increased paper weights and production capacity, it is ideal for businesses that are looking to print volumes, especially things like brochures – something these printers are suited to. The connectivity available to things like Microsoft Teams will also be valued by customers. Likewise its sustainability credentials will also be well received – including the long-life parts are many businesses are seeking to increase the longevity of printers in the field.

Kerry Rush product marketing manager

Sharp’s new BP-90C80 and BP-90C70 models offer a solution for businesses in many sectors – a versatility that should make it an ideal product for resellers to add to their portfolio. With more businesses looking to take their print-in house, these products have been launched at an opportune moment and resellers that have good relationships with customers in the education, corporate and commercial sectors can look to capitalise on this in particular. With the



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