Print in the Channel - issue #13

Tough environment? You’ll need tough IT! Zebra IT products are specifically designed to deliver performance, productivity and ease of use in even the toughest of environments.

When you’re looking for Manufacturing, Warehouse or Logistics IT… …no matter how harsh your environment,

Zebra has the solution Visit to learn more

Ultra-Rugged Scanners Our DS3600 scanners are built for extremes, read at astonishing lengths and speeds, and give workers nonstop, full-shift power Rugged Tablets

Chose the ET80 for advanced functionality and configurations; a genuine 2-in-1 Windows tablet, ideal for the manufacturing plant floor Rugged Mobile Computers Discover options for every job; this TC53 even calculates accurate parcel dimensions at the press of a button! Rugged Printers Our ZQ500 Series includes the ZQ521: the most rugged, premium 4in. print width mobile printer available today Wearable devices The WS50 delivers unparalleled functionality in the World’s smallest, all-in-one, enterprise-class, wearable Android mobile computer


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