Print in the Channel - issue #6


TD SYNNEX launches sustainability ecosystem

TD SYNNEX is launching a Sustainability Ecosystem that will bring UK and Ireland partners together to learn how they can reduce their carbon footprint and develop and deliver solutions and services that will help their customers to move towards their own net zero carbon (NZC) goals. The programme will bring together partners who have an interest in or solution for sustainability at regular face-to-face workshops. As well as giving them the opportunity to hear from leading IT industry innovators on sustainability, these gatherings will act as knowledge development and networking events for partners that have complementary solutions or services and access to markets. As part of the initiative, TD SYNNEX has created a Sustainability Workshop framework, which can be delivered to groups of partners. This is designed to help partners reflect on the key issues around sustainability and how they can take measures to drive down their carbon impact and help customers to do the same. “Sustainability has become a crucial factor for all businesses,” said Neil Cornish,

ecosystems business manager, UK, TD SYNNEX. “Our partner network already includes companies that have specific skills and capabilities in this area, such as MSPs running green data centres, partners offering sustainability analytics and reporting software, and expert consultancies. By bringing these organisations together and adding our own knowledge and services into the mix, we will accelerate understanding and enable new partnerships and solutions.” The TD SYNNEX Sustainability Ecosystem will be formally launched at an invitation-only event, with open meetings being scheduled for all interested partners at a later stage. Sustainability Workshops can be organised by arrangement with the ecosystems team. Partners that subsequently want to conduct their own full assessment can make use of the NZC consultancy service offered by TD SYNNEX in partnership with specialist consultancy, Arete Zero Carbon. This assesses a partner’s own emissions (Scope 1 and 2), and that of their supply chain (Scope 3) and provides a plan detailing practical and actionable strategies to help the partner achieve NZC emissions.

Neil Cornish ecosystems business manager, UK

Zebra Technologies debuts new solutions at LogiMAT

Digital solution provider Zebra Technologies Corporation has given a European debut for its new electronic temperature sensors and Zebra Picking Plus application programming interface (API) for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) at LogiMAT, a warehousing event in Stuttgart, Germany. The full temperature sensor solution, including the new ZS300 sensor, ZB200 Bridge and Android Sensor Discovery app, further expands Zebra’s opportunity to transform environmental exposures into customer insights. Using these sensors, manufacturers, wholesalers, transportation and logistics operators in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries now have cloud-based visibility into a range of environmental factors, including temperature monitoring and moisture detection. This will enable them to know if products have been maintained within appropriate conditions across the supply chain. The sensors help improve profitability by allowing users to take corrective action in real time and maximise

their productivity with a more efficient data logger.

Zebra’s Picking Plus API is designed to seamlessly work with SAP EWM cloud. It enables Zebra channel partners and application developers to offer a browser- based mobile experience that transforms highly repetitive warehouse workflow tasks – both inbound and outbound activities that frontline workers must routinely complete – to increase usability and efficiency. It extends the power of Zebra’s Enterprise Browser, an open- source standard technologies application supporting the most popular enterprise operating systems like Windows® and Android® and runs on virtually all of Zebra’s enterprise mobile computers. Zebra Picking Plus improves productivity as it allows scanning of inventory barcodes while in motion within the warehouse as the cloud- based SAP database is automatically updated. In addition, Zebra Picking Plus eliminates the risk of data entry mistakes associated with manual database entries.


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