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deliver maximum value. “By taking a partnership approach,

learning are likely to play an increasing role in the future of document management. “These technologies enhance document management by providing intelligent capture, classification, extraction, analysis and processing of documents,” he says. “Blockchain technology, based on crypto currency can provide a decentralised record for document management ensuring transparency, trust, authenticity and traceability of documents.” Reseller tactics With document management and workflow solutions set to become increasingly important, it is a market that resellers should be considering selling into. But, as Andrew notes, it should be done with caution. “Resellers who want to offer document management services to their customers should consider a partnership-based approach, taking time to understand their customers’ needs, challenges, goals, and preferences,” he says. “Resellers should aim to highlight the value of document management in terms of improving efficiency, collaboration, security and compliance. You could also consider providing demonstrations, trials, training and support to your customers. “By choosing the right solution and partner, businesses can reap the benefits of document management and workflow services.” Simon Godfrey, content services sales consultant, Kyocera Document Solutions UK, says that the focus should be on adding value to customers and, more importantly, the business. “Typically, Kyocera’s approach is to advise businesses to start small and build-out licensing across their whole organisation. We’re seeing a definite increase in market awareness – interest is steadily growing in our content services, document management and workflow solutions offers from channel partners who have end-customers actively planning to automate more of their business processes. “The simplest way for resellers to start a conversation around digitisation is to look at the paper trail in a business. Ask the questions: what do you do with that? Do you need to key that information into a system? How long do you need to keep it? What happens if you can’t find it? And if we look at AP – how many invoices do you process per month?” He adds that resellers should look to help partners on their digitalisation journey, of which this is a crucial part.

resellers can build long-term relationships with customers and help them achieve their goals. Resellers should also provide ongoing support and training to help customers get the most out of their investment in document management and workflow services. By doing so, resellers can differentiate themselves from others.” Paul Day from Filestream agrees that the best solution is the one that suits the business requirements for them. “It also comes down to costs as well,” he adds. “Some workflow solutions cost tens of thousands, while some are much less. Either could be classed as ‘the best’ if they meet the needs of a particular business and then deliver what was promised at the outset.” Future The growth in document management is set to continue in the coming years, Paul adds. “The future for document management and workflow is huge as AI is now becoming an everyday resource and it means this is more cost effective than it has ever been,” he says. “The innovations are endless as more and more businesses require applications to interact with each other and offer security and protection from cyberattacks, which is by far one of the biggest risks to business today.” Andrew Cowling agrees that AI and machine

Paul Day technical director

Resellers should aim to highlight the value of document management in terms of improving efficiency, “

collaboration, security, and compliance.

Simon Godfrey content services sales consultant



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