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The CO2 reductions and the net zero goal have been, and will be, significantly achieved through energy savings. Konica Minolta prioritises as follows: q Avoid and reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions w Substitute GHG-emitting power sources with renewable energy e Compensate unavoidable GHG emissions. Specifically, the energy consumption of its printing devices has continuously decreased over the last few years. The largest energy consumption, more than 60%, occurs when the toner is fixed to the paper. With the polymerised Simitri® V toner used in the bizhub i-series, the latest MFP generation, Konica Minolta has been able to reduce the fixing temperature by about 15°C compared to previous models. Combined with a new fixing device, this helps to significantly reduce the TEC Value. The reduction in power consumption has resulted in the MFPs producing up to 25% less CO2 emissions in operation compared to previous models. Further, Konica Minolta aims to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. The company has been a member of RE100 since 2019 and is committed to using 100% renewable electricity by 2050, and 30% by 2030. As of the 2021 fiscal year, it sources 8.3% of its electricity from renewable sources worldwide. Konica Minolta’s

European Headquarters and 11 subsidiaries, including the UK, already use 100% renewable electricity. Two of the factories in China already use 100% renewable electricity, which means that more than 50% of the MFPs and all production printing devices for the European market are produced with renewable electricity. In Europe the company compensates non- avoidable emissions and supports climate protections projects aiming to replace fossil fuels by renewable energy such as wind parks with its partner Climate Partner. All projects must meet the Gold Standard VER criteria. Gold Standard VER projects go beyond climate aspects, because they also fundamentally take social aspects into account. With the Enabling Climate Compensation programme, Konica Minolta offers its customers the ability to offset unavoidable GHG emissions for office and production printing devices. Since 2015, more than 50,000 tons of unavoidable GHG emissions were compensated. With its visual Remote Service AIRe Link, which was introduced in 2020, Konica Minolta has been able to save around 310,760 kilometres in 8,900 customer visits across Europe from 2020 to 2022, which corresponds to 140 tonnes of GHG. Finally, where possible, the company is trying to shift transport across Europe from air and road to rail or water.

HP announces enhancements to Amplify Program

HP has announced several new partner benefits and program enhancements to its Amplify Program aimed at driving greater agility, simplification, growth and collaboration. From November 1, all HP products, solutions and distribution across its portfolio will be integrated into the HP Amplify Program, delivering one global platform as the foundation for partner engagement. “The HP Amplify program represents the industry’s first to reward partners across performance, capabilities and collaboration and we’re looking forward to integrating our evolving and expanding portfolio into the Amplify Partner Program as of our new fiscal year,” said Kobi Elbaz, general manager, HP Global Channel Organization. “Amplify will continue to serve as the foundation for partner engagement and we will continue to enhance the program based on the evolution

of our portfolio, changing market dynamics and most importantly, partner feedback.” HP has also unveiled two new elements in the HP Amplify program, including the More for More benefit and compensation program, and Fast Lane joint demand generation process. Aimed at driving an increase in sales across the HP portfolio and deliver a more satisfying and complete customer experience, the More for More enhancement will leverage a rate multiplier to boost compensation for qualified partners. The new Fast Lane joint demand generation process simplifies reimbursement of marketing development funds via an automated process for claims and payments, dramatically improving the turn-around time and overall experience for eligible partners. More for More and Fast Lane will be deployed in the Amplify partner program from November 1.

Kobi Elbaz general manager, HP Global Channel Organization


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