Print in the Channel - issue #8



Chris Bates, business unit manager – print and supplies, UK, TD SYNNEX, adds that there is a good opportunity with managed print software. “In all markets and especially in the SMB space, where customers want simplicity. “Partners need to focus on providing the right managed print service for their customers’ needs. Any managed print service is dependent on the software development that underpins it,” he adds. “For any such service, there should be a constant feedback cycle in place that ensures changes can be made when they are needed, and the service can be constantly improved. “There is growing interest in MPS. End user customers are looking to outsource the management and maintenance of print devices and consumables to a trusted third party – that’s especially true now that they have switched to hybrid working. Most customers want managed print to be made as simple as possible. “Managed print will

There is also a demand from customers for sustainability and eco-friendly practices. “Customers expect MPS providers to offer solutions that help reduce paper waste, promote responsible printing habits, and track and minimise the environmental impact of print operations,” says Ian. But it isn’t just about the technology: excellent customer service and proactive support are critical factors for customers. “They expect MPS providers to offer responsive support, proactive maintenance and reliable service-level agreements to minimise downtime and ensure optimal performance of their print infrastructure,” says Ian. Get involved With demand for MPS software increasing, now is an ideal time for resellers to get involved, but it will take a change from the traditional approach, Ian notes. “Print resellers that have historically been very transactional in their marketing and sales approach need to adjust to a more account- centric approach to the sales and support process,” he says. “IT solution organisations that have historically ignored the MPS opportunity must begin to pay more attention to print. “Resellers can get more involved with MPS opportunities, especially the IT solutions providers that have tended to do minimal print. With programmes from distributors and manufacturers coming online they will be able to sell an ‘MPS Service’ without having to manage clicks, consumables or service directly. This will all be available via financed packages that can be wrapped into a whole customer service. MPS providers can capitalise on efficiencies from software enhancements and look to expand out from print into other IT and office provider areas.” George adds that resellers and dealer partners can capitalise on opportunities within the MPS software space by carrying out a complete assessment of their clients’ current MPS and its accompanying software to help them understand where they can optimise, increase efficiency and reduce costs. “Doing so also means the client sees their provider as a trusted advisor in this space, seeking advice and expertise to continually optimise and future-proof their print infrastructure,” he says. “It’s important for resellers and dealer partners to partner with organisations that can offer a broad portfolio of solutions so they have options for every price range, requirement and organisation size.”

George Davies product marketing manager – Software and Solutions

continue to grow and become a part of every reseller partner’s portfolio. Partners that are not yet offering managed print need

Print resellers

that have historically been very transactional in their marketing and sales approach need to adjust to a more account-centric approach to the sales and support process. ”

to start exploring their options as soon as possible.”

Michael from Workflo Solutions agrees that the opportunities are significant. “Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their printing costs, improve their security and become more sustainable,” he says. “Resellers can capitalise on these opportunities by providing end-to-end MPS solutions that encompass hardware, software and services.


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