Print in the Channel - issue #7


Delivering a step change EKM Insight is a revolutionary managed print service solution that will increase your profitability and efficiency while delivering a step-change in your customer service.

EKM Insight has the power to transform your business by massively improving efficiency and productivity, all while taking the pain out of print for your customers. No longer do you need to spend time contacting your customers to enquire whether they need supplies – it knows when your customer needs to buy consumables for each printer and MFD and will automatically notify you. Not only is this good for your business, but you look great in front of your customer too. EKM Insight turns printer data such as meter readings, consumables levels and other asset information, into a total printer and MFD management workflow. Maximise profitability and minimise productivity leakage to give you a real, measurable competitive advantage. Your customers win too – with better service quality and delivery; happy customers are retained and your competitors are shut out. With EKM Insight, everyone wins. Eliminate inefficiency Research shows that about 30% of the spend on hard copy equipment, consumables and service is wasted on inefficiencies. Every time your customer replaces consumables early, it loses you pages and costs you money. EKM Insight enables you to move forward with active printer fleet management – eliminating inefficiencies and so driving profitability for your business. Raise customer satisfaction For managed service providers and resellers, installing EKM Insight to manage your print supply chain operations will dramatically improve customer satisfaction through timely, reliable delivery of consumables and services. Improve efficiency EKM Insight enables you to record not only the exact location of every asset, but also which customer staff member oversees it. So when you despatch consumables, they are delivered to the right printer or MFD via the right person, in the right place, at just the right time.

Streamline your supply chain Because EKM Insight builds a knowledge base on every connected asset, you can predict exactly when consumables will be required by tracking supply usage trends for each consumable. Automate your processes With EKM Insight, no significant intervention is required by users, IT support or procurement departments; even billing can be automated by linking to ERP systems. EKM Insight delivers high quality data that requires no further processing. This drastically reduces the cost of administration and inventory, as well as saving the time and resources of people in your business. Increase your productivity EKM Insight reports on every element of the print chain. Even if a printer is moved, EKM Insight will find it for you and put you back in control. The user interface is simple, flexible and intuitive, focused on operator productivity. Reduce your service call-outs EKM Insight monitors the status of every connected printer and MFD with its unique instant communication protocol. Devices can be restarted remotely and software upgrades delivered – enabling well-managed organisations to remotely solve up to 50% of issues that previously required an engineer to visit. Not only does this save money, it also cuts down on use of fuel, making it an environmentally friendly option. Reach new customers EKM Insight is manufacturer-agnostic. It’s built on open standards and fits in easily with existing IT infrastructures without compatibility issues. So whatever systems your prospective customer is using, and whatever mix of printers and MFDs, with EKM Insight you can offer a complete managed print service that will meet all their current and future needs.

EKM Insight turns printer data such as meter readings, consumables levels and other asset information, into a total printer and MFD management workflow. “ ”


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